Different Concept

Financing available with over 20 local banks and credit unions. In-house financing available on vehicles priced $10,000 or less...​

Trademark Automotive offers the same quality vehicles as "Big Box Stores", without the premium price tags. Most dealers have massive buildings, mind blowing overhead, and advertise on every media source possible. More expenses translates to higher prices. Every where you look, dealers are pushing their product. On average, you will watch 26 car commercials per day. Radio is no different. You can't change stations without hearing a radio spot. Open a news paper and there is more advertisements than actual news. Advertisement cost a lot of money, and ultimately those cost are passed onto the consumer. At Trademark Automotive, we keep our overhead to a minimum and pass the savings onto our customers. Makes sense to me. Does it to you?

​No Dealer Fees

My favorite commercial is about a little girl that has set up a lemonade stand in her front yard. The sign reads, "Lemonade for $1". A customer orders a cup and the girl tells him that it will be $2.67. He draws attention to the sign, and the young entrepreneur explains. "It's all on your bill. There's the standing on my lawn fee, the fresh produce fee, and the poison control surcharge". This is how many dealers operates. It's called dealer fees, documentation fees, and preparation fees. This is just another way that dealers make more money. In the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area these fees average between $500 to $700. At Trademark Automotive, there are never any fees. Just another example of what we do to earn your business, as well as your respect.

Trademark Automotive Group

    T  U  S  C  A  L  O  O  S  A

"We're not here to pamper you, just save you money."








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